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We are Andrei and Natalia – Vienna Wedding Photographer.

We are available for wedding or pre-wedding shooting all over Austria.

With a great pleasure we will become your wedding photographers in Vienna!

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We felt very relaxed and at ease during our photoshoot with Natasha and Andrei. This cute lovely couple knows the nooks and crannies of love bled inside out and we managed to capture many good pictures. We decided on an impromptu photoshoot only the night before and we are grateful for them to be so accommodating and spontaneous. During the photoshoot, Natasha has been very attentive by making sure the gown is properly placed out and hair neatly tucked. Thank you both for the wonderful hospitality and great photos! Would definitely recommend them to everyone!


Natalia and Andrej have very professional approach and yet it feels so relaxed. Before the photo shoot they had a look of the surroundings, so we were able to follow their directions without worrying about anything. They are also very flexible since they extended their stay without any problems. The cherry on top was their photo book which is really neatly designed so we decided to order another copy and got it at once.


Andrej and Natalia, many thanks for your really excellent work! The photos are really wonderful, nice and romantic. They speak English and German, are really friendly, patient and accommodating. After a week we received all photos and we are really excited. I can really recommend them to everyone!

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